Who is Jesus to You?

by Ging Mangaliman and Raph Santiago

There is an important question that Jesus asks his disciples in Matthew 16: 13 -20. After all the miracles of healing– the multiplying of bread and fishes, to the teachings and parables… the spreading of the good news–it boils down to this…. “who do you say that I am?” Perhaps, Jesus is asking us this very question.

In the Gospel, Peter’s recognition of Jesus as “the Christ, the Son of the living God” was a divine revelation from God. We may speculate that perhaps Peter was pondering about Jesus way before the question was raised and it was only when he opened eyes of his heart that he was able to see God’s revelation. We too have these moments of divine encounter. If we take time and pause through the hectic day, you will discover the many moments God has revealed Himself to you. Jesus is God’s revelation of Himself in the flesh and we are graced with the opportunity to receive Him in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Going through your life experiences, the crossroad, or path you are in now… has this helped you discover Jesus? Has it helped you better define who you are before God, others, and yourself? Take a moment this week to reflect on your life. Be as kind to yourself as possible. Examine these questions through the perspective of one who loves you and desires to reveal Himself to you. Who is Jesus to you?