A Prayer for Health Care Workers in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Blessed Mary, mother of Jesus and our mother,
Comforter of the sick and protector of the endangered,
We beg your intercession at this time of worldwide illness
As together we pass through the dark valley of sickness and death.
Comfort the many who live in fear, give solace to those who face death,
Accompany the dying into the arms of your merciful Son, and
Console those who have lost a loved one.
Above all, bless the hands of those who care for the victims of this disease,
Reward the generosity of their commitment to those who suffer,
Strengthen their compassion as they sit at the bedside of those who are dying,
Protect them, their families and their loved ones from this disease, and
Welcome to heaven those who sacrificed their lives to heal others.
In your life you experienced the danger, the fear and the helplessness
That so many of us experience today. Faith in your Son sustained you
And saw you through to the glory of the Resurrection.
May our doctors, nurses, health care providers, family members
And all who serve the victims of disease at this critical time
Know the gratitude of our hearts, the sustenance of our prayers,
And the strength and comfort of your presence.
May they not lose hope in the resurrection to come,
Both in this our time and in eternity.
We make this prayer through you to Jesus, your Son.
We live always in the presence of the Divine Trinity. Amen.