Sunday Masses

As of Sunday, March 7, 2021, in-person Sunday masses are back. Join us for outdoor mass in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel every Sunday at 10 am for Mass in English and 12 pm for Mass in Spanish. An online mass on Youtube with Fr. Tony will be available for viewing at 5 pm on Saturday.

There are also online masses from the  Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. Watch the Cathedral masses live on YouTube or on the LA Catholics Facebook page. The Spanish Mass is celebrated at 7:00 AM and the English Mass is celebrated at 10:00 AM.

Daily Mass

Due to an increase in coronavirus cases, daily masses have been canceled until further notice.

Online daily masses with Archbishop Gomez and priests from the Cathedral will celebrate daily Mass in English at 8:00 am and in Spanish at 7:00 AM. All Masses will be live-streamed on the LA Catholics Facebook page.

Through Baptism, we Christians are all anointed by the election of the Lord, and this is a pure gift. Today let us ask the Holy Spirit to be able to preserve this gift with faithfulness. This is Christian holiness.

Pope Francis

God is calling all of us to remember our baptism. He’s calling us to live by grace, to walk with Jesus in the Spirt, to live as children of the Father. He’s calling us to live as brothers and sisters in his great family, the Church.

Archbishop Jose Gomez

Once we grasp that Jesus was no ordinary teacher and healer, but Yahweh moving among his people, we can begin to understand his words and actions more clearly.

Bishop Robert Barron

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